6 May 2009
6th May 2009

We expect VMware's new vSphere products, including the more affordable "Essentials Editions" to be available through Info Stor on or around the 21st of May.

24 April 2009
24th April 2009

Iomega's ix4-200r range of NAS/SAN devices have been launched in 2, 4 and 8TB capacitites. See our SAN product category for more details and to place advance orders.

17 April 2009
17th April 2009

...and is now an approved supplier to the London 2012 Olympic Games.

3 April 2009
3rd April 2009

...and is now a Cisco Select Partner.

27 March 2009
27th March 2009

...and is now an EMC Velocity Partner.

25 March 2009
25th March 2009

Info Stor is now VMware VSP certified.

18 March 2009
18th March 2009

Cisco have recently announced the release of a WiFi desktop phone. The SPA252G has Bluetooth functionality and is designed to work with the SPA9000 and UC500 products.

15 March 2009
15th March 2009

86% of VMware's customers use their software in a production environment.

14 March 2009
14th March 2009

Wireless charging technology is moving closer to the main stream. We anticipate widespread use by mid 2010 starting with low energy devices such as mobile phones and laptops.

11 March 2009
11th March 2009

Iomega (part of EMC) expect to start shipping a new range of storage arrays in April which are capable of acting as iSCSI targets thereby providing SAN array functionality. These arrays will ship with EMC's LifeLine storage appliance management software pre-installed.

9 March 2009
9th March 2009

Today Info Stor returned from CeBIT, Europe's largest IT trade show in Hannover, Germany.

27 February 2009
27th February 2009

The Fibre Channel Over Ethernet (FCOE) standard is expected to become widely used during 2010.

23 February 2009
23rd February 2009

Block copolymers (chemically dissimilar polymer chains) could be on their way. These could lead to much more data storage on much smaller devices along with many other density related benefits for displays, solar cells and processors.

14 January 2009
14th January 2009

Steps toward the manufacturing of Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE Plus) products are gathering momentum. The new standard will deliver 25.5 watts of power compared to the current 15.4 watts facilitating the deployment of Pan, Tilt, Zoom camera technology and the new generation 802.11n Wireless Access Points.

13 January 2009
13th January 2009

Up to 2 Terabytes on an SD card! The next generation SD specification SDXC has been announced. Visit the SD Association web site to learn more:

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