Info Stor Wins 2 Year Global Supply Contract
8th March 2011

Info Stor has been awarded a contract to supply computer equipment to the sites of an organisation in 149 countries around the world. Some of the sites are in remote locations such as Antarctica, Ascension, St Helena Island, Cook Islands, BIOT/Chagos Archipelago, Tristian da Cuhna, Juan Fernandez Island and the Wake Islands.

Taking Tablets
28th January 2011

Research shows that companies will purchase 10 million tablet devices in 2011, making up 25% of all tablet sales.

Light to Replace Electricity in Processors?
10th January 2011

IBM has unveiled nanophotonics chip technology which integrates electrical and optical devices on the same piece of silcon, to enable computer chips to communicate using pulses of light instead of electrical signals. According to IBM the breakthrough could lead to significant improvements in performance.

Symantec Buys Part of Verisign
1st November 2010

Symantec has acquired Verisignís Identity and Authentication Security business. The VeriSign check mark is the most recognized symbol of trust online with up to 250 million impressions every day on more than 90,000 websites in 160 countries. Symantecís security solutions and the companyís Norton-branded suites protect more than one billion systems and users around the world.

Skype Appoints Cisco man as New CEO
11th October 2010

 Tony Bates, Senior Vice President of Cisco has joined Skype as its Chief Executive Officer.

Cisco's New General Purpose Servers
17th June 2010

Available to order now. View all 3 models with their specifications and prices on our server page at

BT Could Strike Soon
14th June 2010

What effect would strike action by BT have on telephone and internet services used in your organisation? If you are concerned contact us to discuss how 3G broadband dongles or devices aggregating multiple 3G sim cards can be used as a contingency.

Microsoft Office 2010 Release Date
12th May 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 will become generally available on 15 June 2010.

Windows 7 now more installs than Vista?
4th May 2010

Surprise, surprise there are now claims that Windows 7 is now more widely installed than Vista. We knew it wouldn't take long but didn't expect it to happen quite this soon.

Windows Phone 7 Series Announced
1st March 2010

Microsoft have just announced their new operating system for smart phones called "Windows Phone 7 Series." We expect it to start appearing on new devices around the end of 2010.

New RIM/BlackBerry BES Express Software for FREE!
18th February 2010

Just announced: BES Express software will soon be available as a free download with free client access supporting up to 75 users on the same server as Microsoft Exchange or 2,000 users on a dedicated server. We expect the download to become available from 1 March 2010.

Seagate 2TB Drives Now Available to Buy!
15th February 2010

Info Stor are now supplying Seagate 2TB (yes, two TerraByte) 3.5" SATA Hard Drives for just £144.00!

IBM Releases Low Cost Systems Management Appliance
8th February 2010

Tivoli Foundations Application Manager provides the capabilities to quickly and comprehensively monitor alert and report on the performance and availability of your key IT infrastructure.

No IT Assets by 2012?
25th January 2010

Analysts are predicting that up to 20% of businesses will have no IT assets by 2012. Trends in virtualisation, cloud services and employees running personal systems on company networks could lower the amount of IT hardware companies own.

Cisco, EMC & VMware Joint Venture
12th December 2009

The newly formed company called Acadia will sell 4 integrated "stacks" of products from it's 3 owners to be called "vblocks". Vblock 0 will be targeted at the SME market and the largest, vblock 4, will suit enterprise datacentres.

Dell & Perot Systems
26th September 2009

Dell have agreed to buy IT Services company Perot Systems, a company founded by former U.S presidential candidate Ross Perot. Perot Systems generates much of its income from government and the health-care sector which is set to grow as patient records are digitised.

Fuel-Cell Chargers
6th August 2009

We anticipate that Toshiba will launch a battery charger based on DMFC (Direct Methonal Fuel Cell) technology by the end of 2009. The product will be designed to charge laptops and other mobile devices.

Windows 7
31st July 2009

One of Info Stor's technical consultants who is often critical of Microsoft is running Windows 7 Release Candidate 1 on his laptop and he likes it a lot.

22 June 2009
22nd June 2009

2TB SATA drives are starting to appear in servers and storage arrays.

8 May 2009
8th May 2009

Microsoft has recently ended mainstream support for all varieties of Windows XP. Please contact us if you would like to discuss an upgrade project.

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