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EMC Celerra NX4

Base units include: 2nd SPS, iSCSI, NFS and Windows CIFS licensing, Celerra Manager including Virtual Provisioning, Celerra AVM (to simplify provisioning), Celerra Snapsure (for local snaps) and Celerra Filemover API 3 Years 24x7 Hardware Support plus 'Rack & Stack' Installation.

1/ Select the base configuration required from section 1
2/ Select Additional Upgrade Options from Sections 2,3,4 and 5.
3/ Add the Software Maintenance Term (in No. of Years Required) in this Yellow Box:
4/ Review total solution cost.
5/ Please note the quotations and configurations produced by this tool are for indicative use only and may not be technically feasible. Please email with your requirements and ask for validation before preparing budgets or placing an order.

  SKU Description Capacity Pricing excluding software maintenance Pricing including 24x7 software maintenance
Section 1 Base SKU 1) NX4 base units (Including 3Yr 24x7 hardware warranty) Raw Usable QTY Estimated end user price () Estimated end user price ()
 Directions: Select 1 base unit required.
EMC NX-01 NX4 with 12x146 (15K) SAS disks 1.13 TB
EMC NX-02 NX4 with 12x300 (15K) SAS disks 2.346 TB
EMC NX-03 NX4 with 12x400 (10K) SAS disks 3.169 TB
EMC NX-04 NX4 with 12x1000 (7.2K) SATA disks 8.185 TB
Section 2 Upgrade SKU 2) NX4 additional capacity upgrade options  
 Directions: Select additional storage as required configured with a maximum of 60 drives across 5 DAE's usable capacity dedicated to iSCSI hosts and fileshares can not exceed 16TB.
EMC NX-05 NX4 DAE - 12x146 (15K) SAS disks 1.336 TB
EMC NX-06 NX4 DAE - 12x300 (15K) SAS disks 2.684 TB
EMC NX-07 NX4 DAE - 12x400 (10K) SAS disks 3.669 TB
EMC NX-08 NX4 DAE - 12x1000 (7.2K) SATA disks 7.904 TB
Section 3 Upgrade SKU 3) NX4 additional capacity upgrade options  
 Directions: Select an additional DAE and then drives individual DAE's and drives can be added as required. A max of 12 drives per additional DAE. Do not mix FC & ATA drives in the same DAE max of 4 additional DAE's in total.
EMC NX-09 NX4 DAE - 6x146 (15K) SAS disks 0.668 TB
EMC NX-10 NX4 DAE - 6x300 (15K) SAS disks 1.342 TB
EMC NX-11 NX4 DAE - 6x400 (10K) SAS disks 1.834 TB
EMC NX-12 NX4 DAE - 6x1000 (7.2K) SATA disks 3.952 TB
Section 4 Upgrade SKU 4) NX4 additional options  
 Directions: Select additional options as required NOTE: Base configurations do not include a rack.
EMC NX-13 EMC 40U Rack
EMC NX-14 Celerra Replicator V2 & RM for iSCSI Celerra (5 Host)
EMC NX-15 FC Option (Powerpath, NaviExpress which includes SimpleSnaps - 64 hosts)
EMC NX-30 Celerra Manager Advanced Edition
EMC NX-16 Celerra File Level Retention (WORM)
EMC CX4-21 Brocade 300B 8 Port 8Gb FC Switch (inc. Rack Kit)
EMC CX4-22 Emulex LPE-1150E 4Gb HBA
Section 5 Upgrade SKU 5) Professional services & training  
 Directions: Select additional services as required NOTE: Service brief's detailing the scope of these EMC professional services can be found on the 'Supporting materials tab'.
EMC NX-17 Celerra Quickstart CIFS Installation
EMC NX-18 Celerra Quickstart NFS Installation
EMC NX-19 Celerra Quickstart iSCSI Installation
EMC NX-20 Celerra Quickstart FC SAN Installation
EMC NX-21 Celerra Replicator V2 QuickStart Configuration
EMC NX-22 Replication Manager QuickStart Implementation
EMC NX-23 Celerra NDMP BackUp QuickStart Configuration
EMC NX-24 EMC NAS Training Valuepak
EMC NX-25 EMC SAN Training Valuepak
Section 6 Upgrade SKU 6) Back up options  
EMC NX-26 EMC DPA (Data Protection Advisor)
EMC NX-27 EMC DPA Services
EMC NX-28 EMC Networker Fast Start (Including NDMP)
EMC NX-29 EMC Networker Fast Start Services
  Total solution cost  
  EMC Velocity finance cost ** (/month for 36 months)   0.00 0.00
* Pricing is valid for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of this quote (or up until 31st March, which ever is sooner) and does not include any applicable taxes or freight charges. Customer education passports are valid for one (1) year from date of invoice.
* Additional upgrade options must be ordered with base units
** Monthly lease amount is based on 36 rentals payable in advance. This offer is valid until 31st August 2009 and is subject to credit approval and final lease documentation. This proposal is subject to specific configuration and product availability. Rentals could also be impacted by changes to sales price, exchange rates and market treasury rates. Terms of this offer may change without prior notice.
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